2016 Is The Year We Change Our Lives

After getting burnt out working 8 to 6 everyday in Sydney, Australia, Kyle & Kayley from Maple & Beard decided that it was time to change.  So, they spent a weekend looking at flights to South East Asia, booking accommodation and decided to make some radical changes.  Read their story below.

Travelling & Working; They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

Around 6 months ago, I started working with a few online businesses.  I was a Business Analyst at a successful software development company, which meant that I had little time to commit to these side projects to start with.  I wanted to cast a wide net and do my best to work with other companies as well; keep my options open, so to speak.

What I didn’t realise is how those 6 months would change my life.  I found myself working 12 hours a day for months on end.  My partner, Kayley, hardly saw me.  I struggled with anxiety and stress.  It was a tough gig that I had signed myself up for!

So we decided to take a break.  Kayley wanted to go to Thailand for a 2 week holiday.  We had been travelling together quite frequently before this crazy period, so a trip sounded like a great idea.  Then it dawned on me.  Why couldn’t we just stay in Thailand?

That moment was a pinnacle moment.  We started figuring out how much it would be to live in South East Asia.  From our research, we found you could do it for under $500 a month.  That was unbelievable!  Who wouldn’t find that appealing?  At this stage, my side projects were picking up and looking like they could start making me some income.  The problem was, I didn’t have enough time to commit to these projects.

So we made the decision to do it.  We booked our tickets, our accommodation and got our visas.  It cost $6,500 AUD all together, which was 10 months of flights, visas and accommodation sorted for the two of us.  That’s 3 months of rent in Sydney.

So flash forward and we’re here.  We spent 2 weeks in Thailand for a little holiday treat, and now we’re starting to work on our side ventures.  We are in Hoi An, Vietnam – a tropical paradise and my favourite place in the world (so far).  We are working in Maple & Beard as our bread and butter earner, while building ChangeFund (a Social Enterprise Peer-to-Peer Lending Website) and Talent Crowd IT (a recruitment website focusing on IT).

If you or anyone you know is thinking of working while travelling, please feel free tocontact me directly.  I’m always happy to help people however I can!

Inspiration from Jason Lengstorf

Note from Kyle: The author of the article below is Jason Lengstorf, who is a fellow travelpreneur who has a whole website dedicated to teaching people how to do this.  If you’re interested in learning more, go visit his website www.lengstorf.com.

I’m writing this message to you in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

My time tracking software says I’ve been on the computer for 4 hours and 55 minutes today, and once I finish writing this, I’m done for the day. Afterward I’ll walk out into the warm evening, grab an amazing dinner of char-grilled pork and rice for about a dollar, and spend the rest of my evening doing. . .whatever I feel like.

When you think of my situation, what phrases come to mind?

“He’s so lucky.”

“What does he know that I don’t?”

“I wish I was rich.”

Here’s the thing: I’m not lucky. I don’t know any special secrets. I make a middle class income.

I’m not special.

If a life full of travel, learning new culture, and sampling the best the world has to offer — all while earning a living — sounds like a dream come true, this course is for you.

And if you’re willing to put in the effort, I’m confident that I can show you how to become a digital nomad right now.

But first, a couple disclaimers:

I am not trying to sell you something. I make my money building custom software for my clients. Talking about working remotely is not a source of income for me, except when I speak at a conference about it. I put this guide together as a way of keeping track of what I’ve learned, and I like the idea of sharing it with the world.

My situation may not be the same as yours. I don’t have children, a criminal record, or a huge amount of debt. I grew up in the United States. I’m a white dude. I don’t know how much any of that played into what I’ve been able to do, but I’m aware it may have smoothed my path.

Now let’s talk about you, and how you can start your own adventure.

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