Halfway Through Our Year Abroad

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This Is Incredible

It’s been 6 months already since we quit our jobs, flew to South East Asia and started working for ourselves.  It was a bold, tenacious and crazy move, but we’re so happy that we did it.  We had no idea that things could work out if we only took a chance to try it out.  It’s truly incredible and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Freelancing Around The World

So what have we been doing?  Well, a lot of work, if I’m being honest.  Kayley says I work too much, and I’m not disagreeing.  But that’s my nature.  I like being busy and doing a million things at once.  It’s how I get my buzz on.  That said, being busy here is hard to do.  When we’re not doing laps in the pool, we’re hidden away working on our laptops.  Or eating fresh fruit talking to other travellers in our local Warung (Bali restaurant).  It’s a dream.

This week marks the end of our two months in Bali.  Next, we head to Chiang Mai, Thailand for 30 days of Thai life.  I can’t wait to eat all the Pad See Ew!

What’s The Update?

At this stage of the trip, I can report on a few things I’ve discovered along the way.

You Always Spend More Than You Think

We haven’t been busy busy, but we still seem to spend cash somehow.  Mainly on food.  Because food is so good!  Plus, we agreed that we’re not moving to Asia if we can’t live the same standard of life we enjoyed in Australia.

Always Be Selling Helping

We have been blessed with some awesome clients who in turn have helped us find even more clients.  What’s our secret?  We genuinely want to help.  It’s not about making money (that said, we do make sure that we’re looking after ourselves too), it’s about helping people and solving problems.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s really simple.  When you can help people, your time becomes worth something.  We also offer to go above and beyond with our clients to make sure they’re happy.

Time Is Money

We found that the best way to ensure we’re breaking even is to streamline the administration tasks in our business.  We use WaveApps for our accounting, Toggl for hours tracking and Google Apps for our paperwork.  It’s better to find ways to make your life easier so you can focus on doing the fun stuff 😉

What’s Ahead?

We’re off to Chiang Mai; Kayley is doing a month of Pilates, I’m looking to do Vipassana meditation course and all is going to be awesome.  We’re working so hard to make our business sustainable so we can continue living the lives we dream of.  Maple & Honey is going well, TalentCrowd IT has started attracting clients and job listings and we’re close to getting licenced for ChangeFund.  Life is good, my friends!

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