Do What You Love – Holstee Manifesto

Tell me, what’s your passion? What gets you excited? This is your life – do what you love, and do it often! This manifesto is so damn powerful <3

This became my mantra in 2015 and still is to this day. Not long after finding this, I quit my job and moved to Asia for a year. I proposed to Kayley Meloche. I made sure I was seizing every opportunity! During this trip, we created Maple & Honey Digital Agency together. It’s grown massively since then and allowed us to travel, buy a home and meet some incredibly inspiring business owners that we get to work with. Honestly, I love my job and get to help passionate business owners grow their business – how cool is that?!

I truly believe that my life got 10,000x better when I stopped over-analysing and opened myself up to the beauty around me. When I embraced the fact that I could control and manifest the elements in my life things changed. We are not experiencing reality – we create it! I can’t express how incredibly lucky, blessed and happy I feel for my life and the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet along the way (that includes you <3 )

My inspiring dream is to continue building our companies, help other entrepreneurs get started and do what I can to make this world a better place. What’s your inspiring dream?

It all starts with your mindset – be grateful for the incredible abundance you already have, stop doing the things you don’t enjoy.

Live your dreams and share your passion!

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