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4 Clever Marketing Campaigns from Brands During Covid 19

During a pandemic, it’s much more challenging for businesses and marketers to advertise their brands.  Not only is that because operations are fairly limited, but people are more sensitive with how companies respond to the situation as every decision reflects their values. In one of our previous blogs, we wrote a guide on how to(Read More)

Everything you need to know about Google Analytics

Most business owners are spending more time working on their digital strategies, with the use of social media and other programs. The sky’s the limit as they say. “Brick and mortar” businesses can actually track their customer’s traffic, their needs and wants and even the sales in just one click! How is that possible? With(Read More)

Send Customers A Link To Leave A Review On ‘Google My Business’.

Google SEO - Maple & Honey Digital Agency

It’s important to maintain a good rating on Google My Business. This provides social proofing to potential customers. OPTION 1: On your computer, search for your business on Google. Find your Google My Business listing and click ‘write a review’. Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar. See below on how to(Read More)

We’re now offering SEO!

Google SEO - Maple & Honey Digital Agency

A quick update from us What an exciting year 2018 has been.  Our boutique agency has grown so quickly and we’ve scaled our team to now 7 members who are working hard to provide value to our clients.  Kayley and I were lucky enough to travel to New Zealand for our friend’s wedding and stayed(Read More)

“Google Adwords” Is Now “Google Ads”

Google SEO - Maple & Honey Digital Agency

Google’s complex lineup of ad products is getting rebranded. Sridhar Ramaswamy,  the senior vice president who leads Google’s ad efforts, explained the rebrand at a press event this morning, where he said the company has been getting “consistent feedback” over the past few years that the plethora of ad products and brands — assembled largely(Read More)

How To Find Facebook Ad Account & Ad ID Numbers

When you advertise on Facebook, your ad accounts and your ads are given unique ID numbers. These ID numbers can be useful when you want to add an ad account to Business Manager or search for a specific campaign, ad set or ad. You can find your: Ad account ID number in the Account drop-down menu in Ads Manager(Read More)