We are Facebook & Instagram experts.

Marketing on Facebook is incredible – but it can be a headache as well.  Facebook Business Manager is updating on a bi-weekly basis and knowing the ever-changing realm of Facebook and Instagram advertising is a full-time job.

Let us help you get the ROI you want from your ads

Our Packages

Not So Basic Pack
per week (incl GST)
Suitable for single product/service?
No Long Term Contracts?
Full Account Setup
Email Support Only
Monthly Status Reporting
Monthly 30m Progress Update
One-time $299 Setup Fee
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Maple Standard Pack
per week (incl GST)
Suitable for multiple products/services?
All Basics, Plus:
Multiple Funnels?
Full Content Plan
Email & Chat Support
Fortnightly Status Reporting
Monthly 60m Strategy Session
One-time $299 Setup Fee
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Want a discount?

Our agency has delivered incredible results on the Google Ads platform.  Reach targeted searches for your business from people with intent to buy.  Why not consider adding Google Ads to your package?  We offer combined management at discounted rates ????

Facebook Ads Plan Comparison

We have Facebook Ads tiers to better suit your needs




Setup Fee

$299 AUD
incl GST

$299.00 AUD
incl GST

$599.00 AUD
incl GST

Weekly Management Fee


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Status Reports

Reports are sent weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your chosen pack.




Ongoing Optimisation 

We log in to your account frequently to implement our digital strategy.  This includes constant monitoring, tweaking and optimising of campaigns.  Our goal is to maximise your results.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We advertise your business on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and even partner websites and mobile apps.  See all placements your business can be advertised.

No Long Term Contracts

We’re performance based. We don’t need to lock you in with contracts. All we require is 2 weeks notice.

Constant Testing

We run all our clients through a Rapid Fire Testing process to find the best audiences, content and placements to maximise your results.

Sales & Conversion Tracking

By setting up conversion tracking, you will know exactly how many leads and sales your ads are generating and how much this is costing you. Easily track your ROI.

Responsive Display Ads

These are the image based ads that follow people around the internet. You will get thousands of views for free. Great for brand recognition.

First Priority Response Time

Our ‘Honey Deluxe’ clients skip the queue and are our first prority for response time.

Customer Persona Modelling

Our agency uses a Value Proposition Model to understand each customer segment for deeper analysis and better targeting.

Added Value

Deluxe clients receive extra support such as landing page design, Chat Bot integrations & setup, email marketing and more.

We also have Social Media Content packs available.


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